Green Energy for Better Future, Štip Municipality

19. 6. 2024

During his working visit to Northern Macedonia, the Director of the Centre for International Cooperation and Development (CMSR), Mr. Dejan Prešiček, together with H.E. Ambassador Mr. Gregor Presker, attended the inauguration ceremony marking the successful completion of the project "Kindergarten Energy Renovation and Environmental Awareness" in Štip Municipality.


Energy renovation for a brighter future
Štip, one of the oldest towns in North Macedonia, is located in the eastern part of the country. The Razvigorče Branch Kindergarten, part of the Vera Ciriviri Trena Kindergarten, was built in 1976 and currently accommodates 85 children who are looked after by 8 educators. Due to the low energy efficiency of the building, the Municipality of Štip recognised the need for energy renovation. The renovation project included the reconstruction of the roof and the installation of photovoltaic cells, which will significantly reduce the kindergarten's energy consumption.


Educating the youngest for a better environment
In addition to infrastructure improvements, the project also focused on environmental education and energy efficiency. The project included the development of a teaching manual "Education for Little Ecologists", training of educators, the organisation of workshops, competitions, forums and media campaigns. Games and interactive activities were used to teach young children about the environment, with the aim of encouraging them to pass on green values to their parents.


The completion of the Kindergarten Energy Renovation and Environmental Awareness project in Štip is an excellent example of how a combination of infrastructure improvements and educational programmes can contribute to sustainable development and a better future for our children. CMSR is proud to have contributed to this important initiative.