Visiting Pahernik forests

25. 4. 2024

As part of a study visit by a delegation of forestry experts from the LEPL - National Forestry Agency of Georgia,  CMSR representatives visited Pahernik's forests in Radlje ob DravI, which are managed by Pahernik's institution. The visit was part of the project "Sustainable Forest Management in Adigeni District, Georgia, Second Phase", co-financed by the Centre for International Cooperation and Development - CMSR and implemented by ZaVita d.o.o., Stritih d.o.o. and WWF Caucasus.


Franjo Pahernik is known as one of the pioneers of sustainable agriculture in Slovenia. Thanks to him, Slovenia today has a rich and long history of introducing sustainable management, with some of the best examples in the Pahernik forests. Here we can find very old trees with extraordinary dimensions. The Pahernik spruce, for example, is one of the largest trees in Slovenia, with a height of 50 metres and a diameter of 142 centimetres.


The visit by the Georgian delegation is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and experience of sustainable forest management. The delegation was impressed by the beauty and size of the forests and the Pahernik Institute's commitment to natural practices.



The forests are included in the network of good management examples of the ProSilva Europe association. In Slovenia, Pro Silva is organised as a section of the Association of Forestry Societies of Slovenia until 2020. Years ago there was an initiative among the members, especially the long-time president of the section, Tone Lesnik, that Pro Silva Slovenia should become an independent association. At the beginning of 2021, the association was legally established. Today, Pro Silva has clear goals and a vision for the future, which will also be a great challenge in the field of forestry due to climate change. Active engagement and cooperation between the relevant institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations will be crucial for taking further steps in the fight against climate change.