International Water Conference - Jahorina 2024

24. 4. 2024

CMSR representatives are presenting at the International Water Conference "Jahorina 2024", which focuses on sustainable development in the water sector. The conference is currently taking place at the Termag Hotel in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jahorina 1

The conference is a fantastic opportunity for us to exchange knowledge and dialogue on the organisational, economic and technical challenges in water supply, wastewater treatment and drainage. It is also an important platform to discuss key reforms in the public water sector in Bosnia and the EU.


The event will cover several topics, including:

  • Water supply and sanitation,
  • Needed reforms in public water services,
  • Urban Wastewater Management and EU Directives,
  • Renewable energy sources and their applications in the water sector.


The venue was attended by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republika Srpska, the Association of Waterworks of Republika Srpska, the World Bank, UNDP and the Investment Development Bank of Republika Srpska.


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