Slovenian knowledge on forestation in Georgia

22. 4. 2024

Under the leadership of Kakha Tsertsvadze, the Director of the Georgian State Forest Agency, members of the Georgian delegation are on a study visit to Slovenia.

The visit is based on a project focusing on sustainable forest management, titled "Sustainable Forest Management in Adigeni District, Georgia" which has been ongoing in Georgia since 2019. Among the project implementers is a consortium of Slovenian companies, including ZAVITA Consulting, d.o.o., Ljubljana, and Stritih d.o.o., Bovec.


The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), through its Eco-Corridor Fund (ECF) initiative, is conducting a significant project in Georgia for the conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems and natural resources. Slovenia has already co-financed part of the program in the Adigeni Municipality to support landscape conservation and sustainable land use, including forest surveys, sustainable forest and pasture management plans, knowledge transfer, and procurement of forestry equipment. As part of this project, guidelines are being prepared for building forest roads, creating forest recreation plans with pilot locations for picnics and camps, and various trainings and educational sessions for the transfer of Slovenian forestry expertise. The project has a positive environmental impact by preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable forest use. The delegation was accompanied by Dejan Prešiček, Director of the Center for International Cooperation and Development; Mojca Kopše, Head of the Department of International Development Cooperation; and Matjaž Hermel, Director of ZaVita, d.o.o.

The State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food, Ms. Knez, said at today's meeting that Slovenia fully supports Georgia's efforts to join the European Union and is ready to offer assistance and support, especially in agriculture and rural development. Both countries share similarities in mountainous regions and in historical development and management of natural resources. Slovenia's EU membership brings valuable European experience and expertise in sustainable forest management which is highly valued.

Forestry cooperation is a priority area for both countries. They recognize the key role of forests in promoting green growth, mitigating climate change, ensuring ecological integrity, and fostering socio-economic development. Forests are also vital for providing environmental services and developing rural areas.