Visit of representatives of the City of Prnjavor, "Little Europe"

14. 2. 2024

The Mayor of the City of Prnjavor, Darko Tomaš, together with Ljubiša Sibinčić, representative of  "Vodovod" a.d. Prnjavor, visited the Centre for International Cooperation and Development - CMSR in connection with the project proposal "Improvement of water supply and extension of the water supply system".

The town of Prnjavor is located in the northern part of Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has a strong entrepreneurial tradition. The backbone of Prnjavor's development consists of small and large companies in the fields of metal processing, food industry, wood processing, leather and footwear, production of building materials.


Prnjavor is known as "Little Europe" because it is inhabited by representatives of the 3 constituent nations in BIH and 13 national minorities, which makes it an example of good practice of coexistence, mutual tolerance and unity.

Balanced development is one of the main priorities of the local government of Prnjavor, which designs and implements activities and projects with a sustainable impact on the environment.

Frequent power failures and severe water pump malfunctions pose a major challenge with long-term consequences for the water supply to the entire operation of the City of Prnjavor.

The water supply comes to a complete standstill, posing a direct threat to public health and endangering the health and general safety of the population. Firefighting is also at risk as water supply failures make it difficult to fight emergencies and prevent lives and property from being adequately protected.

The solution is to construct a water supply system in the rural villages of Gornja Mravica, Lišnja and Galjipovci and connect them to the main water supply system, build a distribution tank in Ključnića Brdo and construct a pumping station to increase the pressure of the water supply.