Renovation of the Zletovica Hydrosystem successfully completed, Probištip, North Macedonia

1. 12. 2023

The successfully completed Zletovica Hydrosystem, co-funded by the Slovenian Government, provides 100,000 people in the municipalities of Štip, Sveti Nikola, Lozovo, and Karabinci with quality drinking water. Due to outdated and wasteful equipment, both mechanical and electronic, the entire operation of the hydrosystem was compromised, thus compromising the quality of the water supply in the municipalities and the safety of the use of the Kneževo dam.


The Zletovica multi-purpose hydrosystem consists of a number of water supply, irrigation, and power generation facilities. The reconstruction and upgrading of the equipment improved the monitoring and operation of the entire hydrosystem, upgraded the alarm system of the Kneževo dam, and set up a monitoring system that was linked to the renewed SCADA system of HS Zletovica. New hydro-mechanical equipment was installed at the bottom of the Kneževo dam to ensure the immediate discharge of accumulated water in the event of heavy rainfall. As a consequence, the safety of the population living along the Zletovica River will be improved in the event of heavy rainfall.

The inauguration ceremony, which took place at the premises of HS Zletovica in Probištip, was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, Ms Tanja Fajon, together with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management of the Republic of North Macedonia, Ljupco Nikolovski. 


During Ms Fajon's visit to North Macedonia, she signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Development Cooperation between the two countries for the period 2023-2024 with the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Mr. Bojan Maricik. She thanked North Macedonia for the solidarity shown to Slovenia during the catastrophic floods in August and assured it of further assistance in the country's EU accession process. 


Slovenia will finance projects in the fields of infrastructure, sustainable development, and environmental protection, with a focus on water management, with more than €2 million. North Macedonia is one of Slovenia's most important partner countries, and Slovenia is one of their largest bilateral donors, which further strengthens our traditionally friendly and diversified relations and people-to-people links, said Minister Fajon. Slovenia has committed more than €43 million to development projects in North Macedonia since 2010.