Mojca Kopše, the CMSR Head of the Department of International Development Cooperation, visited the Municipality of Žabljak in Montenegro

25. 7. 2023

On 25. 7. 2023, Mojca Kopše, the Head of the Department of International Development Cooperation, met with the Mayor of the Municipality, Rado Žugić, the Deputy Mayor and the Administrator of the project Construction of a Landfill for Construction Waste in the municipality of Žabljak, Darko Šljivančanin, and Councillor for Local Economic Development, Dijana Leković.

In the next phase, the Municipality of Žabljak expects the consent of the Ministry of Agriculture to cut down trees on the land where the new deposit area will be built. They have already obtained an environmental consent for the felling of the trees. The process is delayed due to the recent parliamentary elections in Montenegro, which have not yet created a new government. If obtaining the consent takes longer, the contractor will adjust the work plan and start carrying out the activities that can be carried out at the existing landfill site. A representative of the CMSR and representatives of the Municipality visited the existing landfill, next to which new storage fields will be built.